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2019 - 2020 President's Report

It is my pleasure to present my report as the President of the Long Term & Continuing Care Association of Manitoba (LTCAM) Board of Directors, for the fiscal year 2020-2021. 


I am pleased to share some highlights with you.

This past year, the Minister of Health tasked the Health Transformation Team with developing one Standardized Service Purchase Agreement (SPA) for Personal Care Homes, Supportive Housing and Community agencies.  


This past year, the Minister of Health tasked the Health Transformation Team with developing one Standardized Service Purchase Agreement (SPA) for Personal Care Homes, Supportive Housing and Community agencies. The Association had four members as representatives on that team. It quickly became apparent that one standardized agreement would not be a fit for both PCH and Supportive Housing. The Association was able to provide evidence to support a separate agreement for Supportive Housing. SPA development work continues with LTCAM’s involvement thanks to the development of a strong relationship with both the Health Transformation Team and Shared Health.


In 2020-21, the Association offered tours of all three care and living options: Independent Living with Services, Supportive Housing and Personal Care Homes, to all MLAs in the province. A few were able to tour before Covid-19 struck. The feedback from the MLAs was extremely positive. Through touring all three care options in one day they could easily compare and contrast the differences and clearly see where the needs are.


The Association continues to work with the Manitoba Seniors Coalition and provide consultation to the National Seniors Council. We reach out to MARCHE (Manitoba Association of Residential and Community Care Homes for the Elderly) on areas of common interest. Nationally, our Association remains a long-standing member of the Canadian Association for Long Term Care (CALTC).  The CALTC lobbies politicians in Ottawa twice per year, now virtually, as well as through ongoing correspondence. 


The Board members of the Association worked hard finalizing and fine tuning our Strategic Plan. New Mission, Vision and Values statements were created. It was approved by the Board in June 2019, however due to the Pandemic, we have not had an opportunity to share this with the members. We are presenting a Dashboard demonstrating progress today.

In March 2020, our world changed when the Pandemic began. Our members’ paramount focus became and continues to be, the safety of staff and residents.


Nineteen new members were welcomed to the Association in 2020-21. 


More than 100 media interviews and requests for information as well as over 50 appeals/letters LTCAM sent to Government Officials were responded to during 2020-2021. More than 30 requests for consultation were received and five position papers/statements were created.


In 2021-22, we turn our attention to the critical juncture that Supportive Housing finds itself in, in terms of fiscal solvency, SPA negotiations, challenges related to Occupancy for our for-profit members, the Carbon Tax, Utility increases, and many other inflationary pressures. Employee recruitment into long-term care also continues to be a critical issue. We hope to hear more about the development of the National Standards and increases in federal health transfers for long term care.


The Annual General Meeting is an opportunity for us to recognize the Association’s volunteer board, board committees, our many other dedicated volunteers, as well as our numerous sponsors, supportive organizations and Associations: provincial, national and international. A big thank you to our Association staff Jane Hiebert and Aymee Koop for all your work during this stressful year, for supporting our members and our Executive Director, Jan Legeros. And a heartfelt thanks to Jan for her leadership of our Association; for keeping the pressing issues of our member organizations top of mind with our RHA’s and government to move our causes forward. Her tenacity has been vital to the successful resolution of many of the issues faced by our members during this pandemic. In addition, thank you for growing the organization as well as raising the profile of long term and continuing care within the health care sector. 


We are hoping that finally, through these and many other entities’ efforts across Manitoba and Canada, positive changes to infrastructure, funding and staffing will occur and improve the way we deliver care to seniors.


We look forward to the future when we have a Covid-19 treatment and enough vaccine that can return us all to a safe place.


Thank you.


Roslyn Garofalo

President and Chair, LTCAM Board of Directors