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Long Term & Continuing Care Association of Manitoba
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Bev McCallumAward Recipients

This year’s recipient in Community Services is Bev McCallum.

Bev is the Coordinator of Community services at Middlechurch. Bev has been nominated for her achievements in reaching out to community shut-ins through friendly phone calls, increasing visibility of programs through public speaking and newsletters. She networks with other community programs and is a member of the community council in her area. Her colleague writes, “One of Bev’s many talents is her ability to transform an ordinary activity centre into special themes such as the OLD WEST, or an ORIENTAL theme. Her visual displays and bulletin boards catch everyone’s eye and helps the community participants easily identify where and how to get help. Her love for her job and her clients is evident in all that she does and I cannot think of more deserving employee to receive the Award for Excellence in Long term Care community service.”

Congratulations Bev, for all you have done and all that you do! Your work is appreciated.

Vista Park Lodge – Recreation Staff
This year’s first recipient for Recreation Therapy Services is Vista Park Lodge – Recreation Staff.

Dehab Mabae, Eileen Lussier and Tammy Reihl work as a team at Vista Park Lodge. They have been nominated in the Recreation Service category for their part in the outstanding work in developing a Beefs and Bouquets program for the residents with moderate cognitive impairment. The team noticed that these residents are not always part of the facility’s resident council and therefore their voices may not be heard. This program is specifically tailored to empower these residents by giving them simple choices using an informal, non-threatening atmosphere. The program has been successful in providing these residents with a unique venue to voice their preferences for activities, meals and entertainment. The team even chose the name with the residents in mind … it is from the long standing radio show on CJOB.

A colleague writes, “Even though there are times when residents may not know or realize they are being empowered, we know we are facilitating it. The greater crime would be not to try. Without the perseverance and commitment of the recreation staff, this program would not have been the success that is”.

Congratulations to Dehab, Eileen and Tammy!

Alive Focus Team – Valleyview Care Centre
This year’s second recipient for Recreation Therapy Services is the Alive Focus Team – Valleyview Care Centre.

Karla Struthers and Connie Krahn accepted the award on behalf of the Alive Focus Team. As a team, they hosted an “in-home” summer day camp for children ages 6-11. Children participate in various activities with residents. Intergenerational visits are one of the key components of the Alive Philosophy. Both the children and the residents benefit from the relationships formed.

A colleague writes, “I believe this team’s efforts in promoting the “between the generations’ ALIVE philosophies is commendable. The day camp was a means of children interacting with the resident all day every day, being able to curb boundaries of communications and promote a culture of understand and acceptance. Mary sits in a wheelchair and holds a doll but to the children she is simply Mary who they included in all their programs”.

The wheelchair and her limitations became secondary to her undivided attention in their activities.

The success of the program can be measured by the residents waiting at the door as “the children are coming today!!!”

Congratulations to the Alive Focus Team at Valleyview Care Centre!