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July 23, 2020 Winnipeg Free Press Aid Needed for Care Homes before Next Wave

July 20, 2020 Winnipeg Free Press Underfunding Pre-empts Care Home Visits

July 18, 2020 Winnipeg Free Press "Care Home Funding Frozen in Time"

July 14, 2020 CJOB - Funding LTC

June 2020 - Pandemic Experience in the Long-Term Care Sector: How Does Canada Compare With Other Countries 

July 7, 2020 Restoring Trust Covid -19 and the Future of Long Term Care

July 3, 2020 Legal Warnings issued to Long-Term Care Homes who continue to isolate seniors

June 30, 2020 Winnipeg Sun -Funding Package for Personal Care Homes

June 23, 2020 CJOB - Indoor visits and shelters

June 22, 2020 Minister commits to fund shelters

June 22, 2020 Infrastructure commitment from Minister

June 22, 2020 Manitoba to build outdoor shelters for personal care home visits

June 22, 2020 Setting up Shelters Outside Personal Care Homes

June 22, 2020 Manitoba to Develop Outdoor All-Season Visitation Shelters

June 22, 2020 CJOB GLOBAL NEWS Indoor Visits Shelters

June 22, 2020 CBC Radio PCH Visiting Shelters

June 2020 Letter and Questions to the Premier from the Manitoba Seniors Coalition 

June 19, 2020 PCH Visitation Interview CJOB June 19 2020

June 17, 2020 Manitoba News Bulletin Provinces Releases Final Plan for Third Phase

June 2020 LTCAM asks Minister Schulte about LTC Infrastructure funding  Minister Schulte answers LTCAM re LTC Infrastructure Funding

June 9, 2020 CBC news - It's Time to Rethink Shared Rooms in Manitoba Personal Care Homes

June 3, 2020 Restoring Hospital Health Centres Visitations

May 30, 2020 Wpg Free Press Fatal flaws in Canada’s antiquated, systemically troubled long-term care facilities

May 13, 2020 Actionmarguerite Celebrates Nurses and Health Workers Recognition Week with a heartfelt video!
Click here AMSJ Music Video – Nurses and Healthcare Workers Week’ L Essential Covid Champions of a Winnipeg Personal Care Home singing and dancing to the Tyler Shaw and ArtistsCAN’s rendition of Bill Withers, 'LEAN ON ME.'

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