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Associated Health Systems Inc.

Contact Name: Kevin Opsahl Local Representative

Telephone:(204) 599-4334

Fax: (604) 591-8034

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://associatedhealthsystemsinc.com/

6 - 8145 130th Street Surrey, BC V3W 7X4


Associated Health Systems (AHS) is a Canadian specialty medical/surgical distributor with custom manufacturing capabilities. We offer a unique set of capabilities including local sales, marketing, clinical support and regional product distribution that together deliver exceptional value for our clients. AHS is corporate partner of the Safer Healthcare Now campaign. We supply a complete range of products to address falls and prevent injury to patients and caregivers. Vendor partners include Stanley Healthcare Solutions (Bed-Check Fall Monitors, WanderGuard), Hip Saver (Hip Protectors), Medtrica (pressure relief mattresses), SA Tech (fall mats) and Translock (wheelchair stabilization). 

Visit our website and complete catalogue at www.associatedhealthsystems.com

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