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Denominational Health Association

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DHA was established in 1995 to represent the owners of British Columbia's faith-based health care facilities in strengthening understanding between them and government. Our members, who are associated with twelve religious denominations, are the 21 owners of more than 44 facilities. We employ 15,000+ individuals. The combined annual operating budgets of our member organizations is approximately $1.3B. Care is provided across the continuum in over 6,900 beds.

DHA members are committed to bringing a spiritual and religious values-based dimension to the provision of health services. They have a long history of providing care in BC, going back to 1858 with the establishment of the first hospital in Victoria. Their goal is to respond to the needs of local communities in tending to the sick, the elderly, the poor and the marginalized, by providing compassionate and professional care to all in need, regardless of their beliefs.