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GOJO Industries Inc.

Contact Name: Jonathan Cadet or Dave Filgiano

Telephone:1 (800) 321-9647


Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.gojocanada.ca


GOJO Industries, Inc., with over 70 years of history and innovation in skin care and infection control solutions for the healthcare market, continues to promote infection control and health through hand hygiene, skin care and surface disinfection products to meet the needs of residents, staff and visitors. We offer a wide range of science-based solutions that are trusted and provide fast and effective protection from germs, including skin-friendly formulations in PURELL® and GOJO® brands, reliable, easy-to-use dispensing platforms, and customizable electronic compliance monitoring solutions. Families want to know their loved ones are in good hands, so let GOJO help you promote health and well-bring at your facility while showing your dedication to quality care.

Serving Long Term Care since 1947

LTCAM Member since 2016