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Mon - Fri 9:00 - 17:00


PLEASE NOTE: Masks are required during the conference unless consuming food / beverages.  


What is Safety Den?

The Long Term & Continuing Care

Association of Manitoba’s

Annual Provincial Conference & Exhibition

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Victoria Inn, 1808 Wellington Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Workplace Safety Innovation

This category is open to all staff, residents, and volunteers who are engaged/interested in providing care and services to seniors throughout the province of MB in various settings, for example, Personal Care Homes, Supportive Housing Residences, Retirement Residences, (aka Assisted Living), Adult programs, and Community, Home Care, and Seniors Resource Centres. (Examples only - not a complete list)

***The intent of the prize money is that it is used to arrange a safety event at your organization to further engage staff in workplace injury prevention. Let us know and we will help advertise your success. We will also help you celebrate!!.

Here are some examples:

  • Bring in a paid speaker to inspire staff to work safely.
  • Invest in training related to workplace injury prevention.
  • Participate in Safety and Health Week (formerly NAOSH Week), and use the money for prizes and innovative activities.
  • Host a staff lunch or BBQ to recognize the work being done to prevent workplace injuries.

Workplace Safety Innovation Prizes:

First Prize $1,000 |Second Prize $500 | Third Prize $250

Here are some past winners' submissions from the SafeCare BC Safety Den:


The Fears and Solutions initiative is about starting a dialogue. The care home’s staff and students are asked two questions: “what are you afraid of?” and “what are you going to about it?” By writing their answers to each of the questions on a poster, staff work together to come up with solutions to common fears. A proactive, welcoming environment is formed.


Sailing for Safety, put a fun, nautical twist on their staff’s education and training. A map of Vancouver Island and its many ports is used as a visual representation of education progress. Staff can move their boats from port to port using the nautical miles they are awarded for completing training and education courses. The Safety Den’s audience of close to 200, loved the idea for how creative and easy to implement it is.



Commercial Safety Innovation

This is an opportunity to present your innovative safety idea to the “Dragons” and cheering delegates. A committee formed by Safe Work MB will review and determine the top ideas in the commercial member category.

The top three winners are presented with an “Innovative Safety Idea of 2023” award at the event.

Some past winner's submissions from the SafeCare BC Safety Den included:

Handicare’s EvaDrive allows residents and clients to be transferred with a gentle push of the fingertips. Effortlessly maneuver through obstacles in care facilities with ease. The EvaDrive is an intuitive motorized mobile lift that requires very little force to operate. The goal with this breakthrough lifting aid is to reduce the risk of injury caregivers face when manually handling patients during transfers.


Roturner is a sit-to-stand pivot transfer and safety aid. The Roturner addresses a key area of safe handling where there is currently a gap — pivot transfers for those who can weight-bear but have difficulty mobilizing beyond standing.



A committee formed by SAFE Work Manitoba will review and determine the top three submissions. The top three submissions will be asked to present to the Dragons at the LTCAM conference on May 9th, 2023 to determine first, second and third place and prize allocation.


How does the SAFE Work Manitoba committee shortlist the applications?

The SAFE Work Manitoba judging committee will be using the following scoring criteria:

Total possible score = 50 points


1. Innovation - is this idea creative, innovative and unique to address a specific need - 10 points


2. Impact on Workplace Safety and Health - what feedback or measurable results have been received i.e. how do you know it is making a difference? - 10 points


3. Worker Engagement - were workers involved in the identification of solution i.e. the safety committee workers in a particular unit or area of a facility? - 10 points


 4. Feasibility - can this solution be sustained and would other workplaces benefit from this idea? - 10 points


 5. Wow factor - will this idea present well at the Safety Den? - 10 points

Total Score /50 points